Online Search Marketing

VR Squared is private digital agency in Cape Town, South Africa, that specialises in providing world-class Digital & Search Marketing services for anyone from the local entrepreneur to large business chains around the world.

While we offer a full range of services to help any business grow their online presence into something that starts turning a profit, what truly sets us apart from the rest – is the cheerfully unique & alternative work ethos that brings a personal touch to each of our clients’ journey to success.

The VR² Ethos

We take pride in breaking the mould set by dull everyday digital agencies. We seek to forge our own way forward by bringing together a scrumptious blend of fun, professionalism, creativity and a relentless passion to prove we can deliver a service you won’t get anywhere else.

Each unique soul that makes up the VR² family is energetic, confident, dynamic, easy going, experienced in multiple fields… and will go the extra mile to make sure their work pushes the boundaries of what we have done before.

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“ Having a sparkly new website without search marketing to promote it, is like building your dream house in the middle of nowhere and telling no-one how to find it.

If no-one else can find you, not your friends, not your family, not even the postman … then what’s the point? ”