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SEO is the core of any good online marketing campaign as we all know! However, a big part of a great SEO campaign is the use of great SEO content.

At VR Squared, we’ve worked in SEO for almost 10 years and we are lucky to have experience in all facets of SEO, but for us the focus is on content more than any other element of SEO. This is for the simple reason that great content is one of the most important aspects of an SEO strategy and the one which requires the most manual labour.

Our SEO Services

While SEO content is our major focus, we can also work with you on providing SEO strategy (General SEO strategy or SEO content only), content-led link building, keyword research and SEO consultancy. We aren’t like other SEO content writing services that just send through content with no thought about the overall SEO strategy and how they can support that with the content.

We want to ensure that every piece of advice, research or content helps to add the most value to the business’s marketing plan and revenue generation. We can take on the whole SEO strategy for you, or just produce great content for you time after time, we’re flexible enough to work in whatever way is best for you!

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SEO Content for your needs

The SEO content that you use has become the foundation of how Google and other search engines view your website, so it’s not enough to just have any old content on your site, you need great content.

Content that draws customers in, not just any old babble that’s written to appeal to the search engines. The problem that most people, business owners and SEO agencies face, is that there just aren’t enough good content providers around to supply the quality of content that Google and the like need for great rankings these days!

We provide great quality SEO content

We’re not talking about the kind of content you can outsource to India or the Philippines for $1 – $5 apiece. We’re talking about the kind of content that you would be proud to have on the homepage of your site, not tucked away for the consumption of search engines only.

For agencies it means potentially having to hire a huge writing team to kick out the content you need, for business owners, it means having to spend hours of your week writing content when you could be managing your business. At VR Squared, we want to be a partner that you work closely with, a partner you can trust to deliver the calibre of content that has you reading it with interest when we send it through to you!

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