About VR Squared

We do more than just content, but everything we do here at VR Squared is centred on content, whether it be doing the keyword research to identify what content you need or creating and implementing the whole content strategy for you. We can also work with you to take your content to the next level with Big Content Ideas and SEO consultancy. We know there are other people out there who do the whole SEO package, but we’re specialists, and we want to provide one great set of products.

For our clients, we have the skills to support you in whatever Content/SEO capacity way you need, but we choose to make content our focus so you get the best product and service. We can partner with digital & SEO agencies to help you deliver SEO content strategy and implementation for your clients, so you don’t need to hire permanent staff. We can work directly with those businesses that do their SEO in-house, but still need more capacity to create content.

“VR Squared was founded to help SEO agencies and businesses overcome a number of challenges in the SEO arena”

Challenge 1: Scarcity of SEO content

VR Squared was started after a number of colleagues in the SEO industry (client and agency side), noticed that one of the biggest challenges that we all faced was an inability to find good SEO content in enough quantity to meet our needs. Beyond the quantity, we all faced challenges finding content providers that we could rely on to deliver great quality on time, every time we needed it. With the Google updates of late putting even more emphasis on the importance of good SEO content (not just fluff), we knew the problem was only going to get worse. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a content provider that could do this.

Challenge 2: Quality of SEO content

Up till recently, there’s been a focus more on just having content, any old content, on the site. As a result of this, the internet has been flooded with pages upon pages of SEO content that is just written for SEO rankings, not for human consumption. Some of it is spun, some of it is written by cheap labour in India or the Philippines, and a lot of it is barely intelligible, let alone readable. With Google now monitoring how long visitors stay on your site and measuring the quality of content you have, this isn’t good enough anymore. At VR Squared, we supply the kind of SEO content that is readable, adds value to the visitor experience AND helps your SEO rankings.

Challenge 3: Affordability of SEO content

As mentioned above, many sites featured very low quality SEO content, which is about $1-$5 per piece. Not very expensive, but as with many things in life, you’re getting what you pay for, and that’s not enough to ensure that the people writing about your content are taking the time and making the effort to make it as effective as possible. On the other end of the scale are people who charge $100 for 1 standard piece of site or blog content – To buy content for that price, I would need it written on gold leaf and hand delivered to me! We sit between both these extremes, offering good quality content that is well optimised, but doesn’t cost the earth and we take the time to make sure that it suits your site voice and SEO Strategy (the exact pricing is on our Menu, which you can contact us for)