SEO has been around for a long time, and in the last few years, marketers and clients have realised how crucial it is for any business with a website. However, it is only more recently that people have begun to realise quite how import good content is for SEO.

Why SEO Content Writing is so important

Optimised-SEO-ContentMany businesses may never reach their true potential revenue from SEO, because they’re not willing to invest the time, or budget, into regularly adding good content to their site. Without that willingness, the sites can still perform decently with on-site & technical optimisation and link building work being done, but they’ll never perform quite as well as if they really included content in their SEO strategy.

It’s always important for the visitors to a site to know what on earth that site does, but until recently people spent more time trying to stuff keywords into a piece of SEO content, than worrying about how it read to actual humans. Google and the other search engines realised what was going on, and so they have updated their ranking algorithm to counteract that. So now, businesses require content that doesn’t just include SEO keywords, but that also keeps visitors reading their pages, so that search engines know that visitors are getting genuine value for the site. This applies to every page on your website, because you never know which page will rank and drive visitors, so every piece of content needs to the SEO optimised as well as informative to visitors.

At the end of the day, having a great SEO content strategy is good, but we know that SEO is there to help the site drive more revenue and contribute more to the bottom line. This means we spend time working out how to get your content to focus on the areas that drive the most business value and not just writing fluff!

SEO Site Content

SEO optimised site content helps the individual pages within the site to become relevant for specific keywords and become traffic drivers in their own right. These should be the highest quality SEO content you get, to build your authority and reputation by enhancing the visitor experience. New content needs to be added to sites on a regular basis, to help Google see that the site is current and naturally increase the relevance of the site for SEO keywords and phrases. Site content can include homepage content, inner page content, and content for the onsite blog.

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Link building Content

Content driven link building is a big focus for long term benefits and rankings, which means that good quality content is needed to elicit links. There are a number of different ways in which content can be used to create links to the site, including guest posting on authoritative blogs in your niche. Objective, factual content can also be used to create great articles and press releases which can be distributed to build links from authoritative news sites. These can leverage great content to provide valuable, relevant links back to the site, without resorting to old-fashioned methods like search engine submissions.

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Rich Content for SEO

Google and the other search engines may like huge walls of keyword optimised content, but the human visitors to a site have a short attention span, and no company wants to invoke the dreaded “tl;dr”(too long; didn’t read) feeling. Bored visitors mean lost sales, and lack of value to people who arrive on the site, so search engine spiders are now taking note of all the rich text elements that pages contain, such as header images, screenshots, product imagery and video when they evaluate each page. Adding these elements to the page adds extra appeal for visitors, and engages more people who arrive on the site, leading them to spend more time on the site and increasing the chance of conversion to paying customer.

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