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Almost every digital agency in existence that offers SEO will offer their clients a comprehensive link building strategy. There was a time not so long ago, where link building involved a lot of submission based link building, massive link farms/exchanges and the purchasing of links from other websites. These methods have served many websites of yester-year… but no longer.

A new emphasis on content for link building

In the eyes of Google and the other search engines, links have long been the currency in which the authority of a website is determined. The more links a website has linking to them, the more a search engine views this site as an authority in their field. However, with new and more complex search engine algorithms being introduced regularly, search engines are starting to swing the tide in favour of the quality of the links to your site and away from the number of links to your site.

SEO Link BuildingTo accommodate this change, sites now need more good content for their site than ever before to naturally attract links. In addition, there is a need for great content that can be given to other sites in exchange for links back to their client’s webpage. This kind of content driven link building often requires one of the following 3 types on content:

  • Guest posts
  • Articles
  • Press releases

“Anyone can knock out really boring blogs or press releases that are sent out so often. The kind of content that is really valuable for link building takes time to write, so why not entrust this content to a company who understands what this content is for and can write with your SEO strategies in mind? – Juliette VR

Guest Posts

Submitting guest posts to other websites is a relatively new link building strategy… but works particularly well when you find the right authority blog to work with. Guest posts need to be written for that specific site or blog and will cover not only the topic of the site its being posted on, but the topic of the site that its linking to, so that the relevance of the link is enhanced. These pieces need to be written in the style of the website it is going to be published on so that the owner of the site is happy and the post seamlessly fits into the site. Our guest posts can be any length from 300 words up and cover just about any range of topics while still including anatural and discreet link on your chosen anchor text.


The art of writing a great article boils down to the accuracy and objectivity of its content. Articles often need to be longer and more objective than blog posts, so they can be published on just about any website to inspire readers to share and link to the article. At VR Squared we take the time to research the topic, compile data and then write unique and engaging content that will include a natural link to the website.

Press Releases

Unlike guest posts and articles, press releases are very time sensitive and have to deal with a specific news event. Writing a press release requires a unique style of writing and must provide factual data while remaining easy to read and informative. We offer both single press releases as well as daily, weekly or monthly press releases on a retainer basis. You can just give us the details and let us take care of the rest.

If you are interested in finding out more about how VR Squared can help you create or fulfil a content driven link building strategy, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide information, quotes and advice.

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