When you’re setting up your site, or evaluating your current site, SEO should be one of the main things on your mind when checking that the site is suitable. A big part of this will obviously be the SEO site content on the pages, because of the critical part it plays within SEO these days.

Is your SEO site content fit for purpose?

Who-is-the-king-of-SEOFar too many people create a site without giving enough thought to the content that they’re putting on it, instead worrying about having the right colour scheme and getting a flashy image at the top of the page. The colour scheme and imagery are obviously important, as you want to give the right impression to those people who arrive on your site. However, good SEO site content is what is actually going to help drive those visitors to the site in the first place, so you can’t neglect it or add it as an afterthought.

Google and the other search engines prize good content on a site very highly and it has a significant impact on a site’s rankings. This is due to the fact that SEO content will contain keywords and increase the site’s overall relevance for those keywords. So before you start adding content to your site, you need to do some keyword research to help identify what content your site needs. Site content will naturally increase the relevance of the site for relevant keywords. Therefore the more content you have on your site, the more keywords you can target as individual pages of SEO content will target different combinations of keywords according to the overall topic of the page. This will then be augmented by the optimisation of headings and other on-page elements.

In addition to the SEO value that this site content has, there is also a value in terms of helping to convert visitors to the site into revenue generating customers. This is because good site content is easy and enjoyable to read as well as being informative and it adds value to a visitor’s experience on the site. Good SEO content shouldn’t just get you rankings, it should sell the company and products effectively.

“Good content isn’t all the same, so always be aware of the differences between different types of SEO site content”

SEO Content – Homepages

The homepage is pretty much the most important page on the site as its most often the first page that Google and visitors will see and it needs to make a great first impression! This is also the page that is likely to have the highest SEO value due and therefore, it should be targeted towards the most generic of keywords, the ones that are likely to drive the greatest amount of traffic. It’s critical that the homepage has a good amount of content, not just snippets duplicated from other pages. This will ensure the maximum relevance of the page for the top key terms.

SEO Content – Secondary pages

Secondary pages, or any other site page than the homepage, are likely to be focused on more specific topics and the site content on those pages needs to be more specifically targeted than the very generic targeting of the homepage. The SEO content on these pages need to be tailored towards secondary key terms that are more directly related to the pages topic EG a page about dresses on a general clothing site. The content on those pages will help the site become relevant for more specific terms, as well as augmenting the site’s relevance for the more generic terms.

SEO Content – Blogs

Blogs are a great way to fulfil the need to add fresh SEO content to a site on a regular basis, and they can be a lot more time sensitive than site content which needs to be fairly timeless. Blog content can also be far more personal than site content as it can be used to portray the point of view of the blogger rather than keeping simply to objective site content. Blog content can also help to target very specific keywords, such as the name of a type of product, or highlighting a particular promotion. SEO content for blogs need to be well written as many people will come back to read a good blog regularly and it will encourage them to revisit the site, while bad blog content will most likely just send them to sleep.