What is rich content? There are many descriptions and perceptions across the internet but to us, rich content is high value content that is made all the richer through the use of some form of media. That is not say that rich media content is content that focuses entirely on the media, but rather using the media to enhance the user experience in such a way that provides far more value to the end-user.

Bringing rich media content to your clients

Rich Content SEOBe it a few simple images or a complex infographic; there is no doubt that without it, content can be extremely dry and lacklustre. Rich media content is the answer, not only is it designed to provide considerable value to your target audience; it is also designed to bring a little colour and character to your or your client’s website.

Half of the beauty of rich content is thinking outside of the box. Why do the same thing that your competitors have already done when you can produce something unique that is likely to capture your audience? Unique media generally garners more attention and is shared more often amongst the audience who engages with them. Couple this with high quality, professionally written articles that are specifically designed for your website and you have a winning combination that both engages and entertains your audience.

At VR Squared we can offer you exclusive rich media content with unique and beautiful imagery or we can write the type that of content that is designed to work in tandem with whatever current media you have. Our range of rich media content encompasses the following value add services:

  • Illustrated articles
  • Infographics
  • Complimentary rich content

Illustrated Articles

If you need content that doesn’t just look like reams and reams of text, then you might want to consider adding some of your own imagery to brighten up your page. In this day and age where media is so prevalent in our society, articles that are media rich are more likely to be read, shared and enjoyed.

Unique media designed to complement your content can be incredibly effective in engaging the customer and bolstering the visual aspect of your site. At VR Squared we are dedicated to providing only unique content and that includes the illustrations.


Why are infographics so incredibly popular? Simply put, people love them. But more importantly, infographics are one of the most shared media forms on the internet. A great infographics will build you links just by being great. If the content is stimulating, the topic thought-provoking and the imagery beautiful, then people reading it will want to share it with friends and family, and they in turn will want to share it with theirs.

Unique infographics are hard to come by, but we can make it easier. Give us your topic or let us choose it for you, we will do the research, build the content and create the infographic for you.

Complimentary rich content

Do you have your own media already but need content that is written specifically for that media? Then we are here to help. No good media should be published without great content to accompany it. A search engine spider relies on actual text to crawl your site and if you have only media, then this media requires content to supplement this fact.

Show us the media you want to work with and we will write you an article that not only complements your media, but fits harmoniously with it and is crawl-able by the search engines.

Multimedia SEO