The main focus of our company is SEO content, but we don’t offer content in isolation, instead we offer a number of SEO services that augment and support our SEO content offering. This allows us to offer businesses even greater benefit from the content that they request from us.

The VR Squared SEO Services Menu

SEO & Content Strategy

A lot of companies can just churn out content with no real concept of how it’s going to benefit your company, or fit in with your existing SEO and content objectives. VR Squared is able to take your long term objectives and turn them into a specialised SEO / Content strategy so that you know we’re not just helping you to meet today’s deadlines, we’re also thinking about how we can help you meet your long term business goals. This includes setting out on-going project plans that list out what type of SEO activities you need to be doing as you go and scheduling regular content to keep growing your site. We can also help you keep up to date with changes in the Google algorithm so that your strategy continues to be relevant for the long term.

Content & SEO Research

In order for you, and us, to understand how you can get the best possible results from your SEO and your content, we can perform research into your industry, competitors – even your own site. With the results of this research, we can identify strengths and weaknesses and help to highlight areas that you should be focusing on for the maximum return on your investment into SEO and content. This can save your team a lot of the time consuming legwork that is so necessary when starting up and reviewing projects.

Keyword Research: A particularly large portion of this is the keyword research that is so vital at the start of any SEO work. To have a truly effective SEO campaign, you need to know that you’re targeting the right keywords – the ones that are relevant to your site and that will drive traffic, converting well for your business. It’s easy to create a long list of keywords that are vaguely relevant, but to create a really effective group of keywords and map them to your site requires skill and experience in SEO, as well as a good knowledge of your company.

On-site Optimisation

There are 3 main areas of SEO – Technical, Link-building & On-site (which includes content). We place most of our focus on working with on-site SEO elements, and will help to increase the level of optimisation in place on your site. This can include helping to focus certain areas of a site towards a specific niche, increasing its relevance EG optimising the dress category within a clothing site towards specifically dress related keywords. This optimisation includes identifying SEO elements on each page and optimising them for the best SEO and revenue benefit by making use of elements like the focus keywords, calls to action & internal linking. A large portion of this can be included into each piece of content so they each provide even greater value

Big Creative Ideas

Sometimes you don’t just need a lot of content on an on-going basis, you need a piece of content for people to talk about, or an interesting Press Release that can raise awareness about your business. VR Squared can work with you to create these concepts and implement them, including create a series of pieces around a core new product launch, or blog pieces that showcase specific areas of your business.

At VR Squared, we try to be more than just a company that churns out content or SEO for you like other agencies. Instead we want to help your business really see the benefit of SEO and content by looking at the bigger picture with you.